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Class of 2019 Brown Admissions Statistics

Class of 2019 Brown Admissions Statistics April 4 The admissions data is in for Browns Class of 2019 and weve got it for our readers (photo credit: Ad Meskens). At Brown University, for the Class of 2019, just under 8.5% of applicants earned admission. In the second largest applicant pool in Browns history, 30,397 students in total, 2,580 earned admission to the Rhode Island-based Ivy League university. This figure includes the more than 600 students who earned admission to Brown in the Early round (which means that 1,970 students earned admission in the Regular Decision round). This just under 8.5% admission rate broke last years record of an 8.6% admission rate. Its like swim timesevery tenth matters. And dont glide into the wall with that last stroke of butterfly. Come on, youve got to remember that incredible Michael Phelps Olympic touch-out. It hasnt been that long! According to an article on Browns admissions statistics for the Class of 2019  in The Brown Daily Herald, The percentage of first-generation college students admitted decreased from 18 percent last year to 13 percent this year, [Jim] Miller, [Browns Dean of Admissions], said.  Sixty-one percent of admits intend to apply for financial aid — slightly down from last year’s 67 percent, he said.  Admitted students hail from all 50 states and 85 countries, according to a University press release. Among domestic admits, the best-represented states are California, New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Texas. Among international admits, the top five countries represented are China, the United Kingdom, Canada, India and Korea.  The diversity of the admitted class of 2019 is fairly consistent with that in the past few admission cycles, Miller said. Forty-five percent of admits self-identify as African American, Latino, Native American or Asian American.  Fifty-nine per cent of admits attend public high schools, while 41 percent attend either private or parochial schools. Congratulations to all of our Ivy Coach students who earned admission to Brown University this year. Were extremely happy for you and we love the notes we received from you these past days!  And as for Browns waitlist, Jim Miller, Browns Dean of Admissions, did say that Brown does indeed intend to go to their list. So for those on Browns waitlist whod like assistance with trying to get in, fill out our free consultation form  to inquire about our Ivy Coach services.

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What Is Natural Frequency

Natural frequency is the rate at which an object vibrates when it is disturbed (e.g. plucked, strummed, or hit). A vibrating object may have one or multiple natural frequencies. Simple harmonic oscillators can be used to model the natural frequency of an object. Key Takeaways: Natural Frequency Natural frequency is the rate at which an object vibrates when it is disturbed.Simple harmonic oscillators can be used to model the natural frequency of an object. Natural frequencies are different from forced frequencies, which occur by applying force to an object at a specific rate.When the forced frequency equals the natural frequency, the system is said to experience resonance. Waves, Amplitude, and Frequency In physics, frequency is a property of a wave, which consists of a series of peaks and valleys. A wave’s frequency refers to the number of times a point on a wave passes a fixed reference point per second. Other terms are associated with waves, including amplitude. A wave’s amplitude refers to the height of those peaks and valleys, measured from the middle of the wave to the maximum point of a peak. A wave with a higher amplitude has a higher intensity. This has a number of practical applications. For example, a sound wave with a higher amplitude will be perceived as louder. Thus, an object that is vibrating at its natural frequency will have a characteristic frequency and amplitude, among other properties. Harmonic Oscillator Simple harmonic oscillators can be used to model the natural frequency of an object. An example of a simple harmonic oscillator is a ball on the end of a spring. If this system has not been disturbed, it is at its equilibrium position – the spring is partially stretched out due to the weight of the ball. Applying a force to the spring, like pulling the ball downward, will cause the spring to start oscillating, or go up and down, about its equilibrium position. More complicated harmonic oscillators can be used to describe other situations, such as if the vibrations are â€Å"damped† slow down due to friction. This type of system is more applicable in the real world – for instance, a guitar string will not keep vibrating indefinitely after it has been plucked. Natural Frequency Equation The natural frequency f of the simple harmonic oscillator above is given by f ω/(2Ï€) where ω, the angular frequency, is given by √(k/m). Here, k is the spring constant, which is determined by the stiffness of the spring. Higher spring constants correspond to stiffer springs. m is the mass of the ball. Looking at the equation, we see that: A lighter mass or a stiffer spring increases natural frequency.A heavier mass or a softer spring decreases natural frequency. Natural Frequency vs. Forced Frequency Natural frequencies are different from forced frequencies, which occur by applying force to an object at a specific rate. The forced frequency can occur at a frequency that is the same as or different from the natural frequency. When the forced frequency is not equal to the natural frequency, the amplitude of the resulting wave is small.When the forced frequency equals the natural frequency, the system is said to experience â€Å"resonance†: the amplitude of the resulting wave is large compared to other frequencies. Example of Natural Frequency: Child on a Swing A child sitting on a swing that is pushed and then left alone will first swing back and forth a certain number of times within a specific timeframe. During this time, the swing is moving at its natural frequency. To keep the child swinging freely, they must be pushed at just the right time. These â€Å"right times† should correspond to the natural frequency of the swing to make the swing experience resonance, or yield the best response. The swing receives a little more energy with each push. Example of Natural Frequency: Bridge Collapse Sometimes, applying a forced frequency equivalent to the natural frequency is not safe. This can happen in bridges and other mechanical structures. When a poorly designed bridge experiences oscillations equivalent to its natural frequency, it can violently sway, becoming stronger and stronger as the system gains more energy. A number of such â€Å"resonance disasters† have been documented. Sources Avison, John. The World of Physics. 2nd ed., Thomas Nelson and Sons Ltd., 1989.Richmond, Michael. An Example of Resonance. Rochester Institute of Technology, Fundamentals of Vibration. Newport Corporation,

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Definition of Criminal Conspiracy

A criminal conspiracy takes place when two or more people get together and plan to commit a crime, however, there is more involved when proving that criminal conspiracy has taken place. Intent First, in order for a person to be guilty of criminal conspiracy, they must have actually meant to agree to commit a crime. Next, when the person agreed to commit a crime with others, they must intend to really do whatever the objective is of the conspiracy. For example, Mark asks Daniel to help him  steal a car. Daniel agrees, but really he has decided to contact the police and report what Mark has asked him to do. In this situation, Daniel would not be guilty of criminal conspiracy because he never intended to really help Mark steal the car. Overt Act to Further Conspiracy For a criminal conspiracy to occur, a person must take some action toward carrying out that plan. The action taken does not have to be a crime to further the conspiracy. For example, if two people plan on robbing a bank, but they never take any action towards actually robbing the bank, this could satisfy the criminal conspiracy, however, most states require that there is at least one overt act taken by at least one of the conspirators, for those involved to be charged  with criminal conspiracy. There Does Not Have to Be a Crime The crime of conspiracy can be charged whether or not the crime is ever actually carried out.   For example, if two people plan to rob and bank and they go buy ski masks to wear during the robbery, they can be charged with conspiracy to commit bank robbery, even if they never actually rob the bank or even attempt to rob the bank. Buying ski masks is not a crime, but it furthers the conspiracy to commit a crime. Participation Is Not Required In most states, persons who helped plan the crime, but did not participate in the actual criminal act, can be given the same punishment as the person who carried out the crime itself. The person who commits the crime can be charged with both the crime and conspiracy to commit the crime. One or More Crimes Equals One Conspiracy Charge In criminal conspiracy cases, if the conspiracy involves multiple crimes, those involved will still only be charged with a single act of criminal conspiracy. For example, if Mark and Joe plan to rob a valuable piece of art from someones home, then sell the art on the black market and use the money that they receive to invest in an illegal drug deal, even though they conspired to commit three crimes, they will only be charged one act of criminal conspiracy. Chain and Link Conspiracy A chain and link conspiracy is a conspiracy in which there are a series of transactions, but only one overall agreement.  The different transactions are considered the links in the overall agreement, which is considered the chain.   However, the transactions will only be considered links in a chain if each link is aware that the other links are involved in the conspiracy and each link profits in the success of the overall series of transactions.   For example, Joe smuggles in drugs from Mexico, then sells some of the drugs to Jeff, who then sells it to his street dealer named Milo and Milo sells it to his customers. Joe and Milo have never spoken, therefore there is no agreement between them concerning the selling of the drugs, but because Joe knows that Jeff sells his drugs to a street dealer and Milo knows Jeff buys the drugs from the smuggler, then each of them becomes dependent on the other in order for the entire scheme to work. Wheel and Spoke Conspiracy A wheel-and-spoke conspiracy is when one person acts as the wheel and enters into agreements with different people (the spokes) or co-conspirators who have nothing to do with each other.

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Explain How Diors New Look Embraced Both Historicism And...

Explain how Dior’s New Look embraced both historicism and modernism. Your essay must include specific reference to at least two collections and key cultural contexts of post -war France. 1. Introduction A well-known designer in the fashion industry, Christian Dior is known to create very unique and distinctive women wear, especially for creating a collection that became an important moment in the modern-day fashion. Even people with little interest in fashion, when asked about the 1950s womenswear trends, are likely to talk about hourglass figures, big skirts and tiny waists. Editor of American Harper’s Bazaar, Carmel Snow, immediately took to the first collection of Dior â€Å"Corolle† exclaiming â€Å"it’s quite a revolution, dear Christian! Your†¦show more content†¦Bills were passed for rationing of materials such as silk and wool used to make parachutes and uniforms for soldiers. Women’s skirts had to be made within a limited number of yards. Most of the dresses were shapeless, more masculine as women started working in factories and pants became popular (Olds, 2001). 2.2 The Debut On February 12, 1947, Christian Dior, a 42 years old largely unknown couturier launched his collection. Before the debut of this collection, he only had meagre success in the fashion industry but on that day he made history. With his debut collection, Dior created whimsical designs which celebrated sensuality and decadence, reminiscent of Russian Ballet and Belle Époque (Mcauley, 2017). Dior essentially incorporated the historical look where corsets were utilised to accentuate womanly figure, something that had been forgotten due to the war (Oeltjenbruns, 2014). 2.3 The Collections The New Look consisted of various collections such as Corolle, Huit and Tulip. During the day, the broad and squared shoulders were substituted by raglan sleeves while in the evening, they were replaced by bustier. Loose-fitting style was considered a thing of the past and the latest design accentuated the structure of the breasts (Pujalet-Plaà  , n.d.). The waist was fitted and at times was belted and the length of the skirt was also increased. Dior regardless of the expected rationing of materials used a lot of yards in constructing the skirts. The length of the skirt

Phar Mor Inc. Overview - 1724 Words

Margaret Linden ACCT525 Week 1 Assignment May 5, 2017 Phar-Mor Inc. Phar-Mor Inc is a discount drugstore chain, 1992 it because associated with a Giant Eagle which was a family-owned grocery chain along with the distribution company Tamco Distributors co. This company would use Power buy which is when the company buys the largest possible amount of product at a great price because they are buying so much of the product. Then the company will turn around and selling the product at a discount anywhere from 25%-50% off what the retail price would be. The Vice-president of Tamco was then name the new president of the new company Phar-Mor Inc. and by 1987 had increased to 70 stores and had grown even more†¦show more content†¦One would assume that they should have brought a new person in to do the audit but then that person would have been on the job at the beginning of the scandal and carried it through until the very end. Another thing that would have prevented the Phar-Mor scandal could have come from section 206, â€Å"Conflicts of Interest†. This was a big one because three of the members of the fraud team at Phar-More were former Coopers and Lybrand auditors which could have been used as conflicts of interest and at least one of those men had been with the company for several years and because he was hired more than a year before they were audited but was able to get out of it on a technicality. He later admitted to covering it up and misstatement was illegal. Waste Management Scandal Waste Management Inc. is a publicly traded for profit waste management company and is one of the largest waste collection corporation in North America. It owns 252 landfill sites and has over 39,000 employees. The waste management scandal was one of the largest accounting frauds we have seen. In 2002 there was lawsuit that was brought against the founders of the waste management Inc. which charged them with a huge financial fraud that lasted for about five years which took place between 1992 and 1997. During this scandal Waste Management was accused of increasing profits by $1.7 billion dollars, gaining almost $29 million from annual bonuses and insider trader.Show MoreRelatedWaste Management33554 Words   |  135 Pagesaccounting fraud and auditor legal liability c a S eS inc lu de d in t hiS Se ction 4 89 99 4.1 Enron Corporation and Andersen, LLP Analyzing the Fall of Two Giants . . . . . . . . . . . 4.2 Comptronix Corporation 4.3 Cendant Corporation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Identifying Inherent Risk and Control Risk Factors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 111 119 127 137 Assessing the Control Environment and Evaluating Risk of Financial StatementRead MoreEnterprise Risk Management4038 Words   |  17 PagesBCCI Sumitomo Corporation Tokyo Shinkin Bank Banca Nazionale del Lavoro Daiwa Bank Barings Non-Financial Institutions: LTCM Texaco, Inc. Cendant Corporation Dow Corning St. Francis Assisi Foundation Mettlgesellschaft Owens Corning Fiber Glass Orange County Atlantic Richfield Kashima Oil Showa Shell Prudential Securities Drexel Burnham Lambert General Motors Phar Mor Loss Amount $20 million. Initial Estimates $17 billion $2.9 billion $2.3 billion $1.8 billion $1.1 billion $1 billion $4 billion $3

Space Police-Defenders of the Crown Disk 1 by Edguy free essay sample

Just as i promised, Edguy is next. Space Police is a 2-disk album that was released this year in 2014. Edguy is a German Power Metal band, under the Legendary Nuclear Blast Records, that formed in 1991 and made their first album in 1995, Savage Poetry. I love this album and everything in it. Now Ill only be reviewing the first disk because most of the second disk is a remix of certain hits in the album. Lats Get Started. Tracklist: 1, Sabre and Torch, this is a great start to a great album. The instrumentation is phenominal and works for these guys. This is saying, were coming back after our long slew of bad albums especailly Age Of The Joker the album before this. This is what i call, beautiful. 2, Space Police, the first of two title tracks. This is one of the best of the album and one of my favorite songs ever, Ill be making a Top 100 at the end of the year By The way. We will write a custom essay sample on Space Police-Defenders of the Crown Disk 1 by Edguy or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page I cant say its the best because that title goes to the next track but for now, may i say, rock on guys. 3, Defenders of the Crown, the other Title track and This is my favorite song off of the album. Nice heavycore progession and I have to say it is amazing in this song. It may sound basic to some, but to me it is the most complex. I like stuff like that in case you dont know. 4, Love Tyger, the only Glam song on here. Love Tyger has to be the song with the funniest music video EVER MADE, and the best part is, its animated. The song its self, well, It makes Glam Metal good. Motley Crue and Rainbow cant even touch this song no matter how hard they try. Sorry but Glam Metal is my least favorite type of metal. 5, The Realms Of Baba Yaba, This is very heavy despite having such a harmless title. It kind of suprises you in a way. I can also hear some experimenting in there. We all know how much I love when bands experiment, whether it works or not. This song works. 6, Rock Me Amadeus (Falco Cover), this has to be the one that sounds most like the original. I love this song and it is one of the most covered songs, right up there with Yesterday by The Beatles and Take On Me by A-Ha. So yeah, I have to say this is the best version of the song, yes its even better than Falcos version. 7, Do Me Like A Caveman, this is probably the weakest song on here making it less than perfect but that doesnt mean its bad. I like the song but it just sounds kind of blaind and unoriginal in my opinion. It brings down the score some points. 8, Shadow Eaters, this is like a song for the soul eaters in the anime Soul Eater, its clever. It would fit nice and snug as an AMV in that anime. Anyways, this a wonderful song that is a very welcome edition to the album and is probably my second favorite of the album. I would recommend this song as a good starting point. 9, Alone In Myself, this has to be one of the best ballads ever made and by far one of the saddest songs Ive ever heard. If you want to have a sad song on the list, LOOK NO FURTHER, because this song is just that. If people asked me what my favorite ballad is I would say Alone In Myself by Edguy. Just. So. Beautiful. 10, The Eternal Wayfarer, a very good song and a great ending to the first disk. There are two other songs after this but that would be in the second disk along with the remixes. I would love to see this get more attentionin the realm of Power Metal and to extent, Edguys history. Then again, this album was releasedin June of this year. So yeah but, I would love to see this live and possibly even as a single in the album. So, yeah, I would loveto see this a whole lot more anywhere I happen to find it. That is it guys, next review is Dream Theaters Systematic Chaos. 9.7/10.

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Social Media in the Workplace to Communicate-Samples for Students

Question: Discuss about the Using Social Media in the Workplace to Communicate. Answer: Introduction The effectiveness in Business communication has been considered with the various types of the aspects which have been seen to be associated to the achievement of the business goals. The managers of the organization have been further seen to be related to implementation of different factors which define the effectiveness of conducting the business objectives. The proposal plan aims to discuss on the relevant topic of implementation of group messaging, instant messaging, chat rooms and discussion forums in the Workplace. Background The effectiveness of the communication in workplace as per the previous discussion has been identified with assessment of Chat rooms, private group messaging and discussion forums. The effectiveness of the Chat rooms, private group messaging is identified with the successful collaboration which is critical in nature and this has also enabled the shares the ideas, building complex interpersonal relationships and internal personal relationship. The new communication technologies have been further seen to be developed as per the consideration of complex interpersonal relationships. The new communication technologies are increasingly common and telephone, email and FAX are not the only communication tool. The information on private messaging and chat functioning has been identified with the collaborative spaces which are considered as an effective communication tool and ensuring that the teams are working together. It has been further considered that instant messaging is seen to make the activities much easier general discussions of the team along with the updates of the related projects. The main form of the advantages has been further discerned with online target and messages received with the other person. It has been also seen that IM is used for sending short messages and conducive in the immediate collaboration of the employees in real time. Some of the main form of the disadvantages of IM has been further discerned with making loud alert tones and messenger settings, where the change of missing important message is high. The main disadvantage of IM has been further seen with the need to log in and unhelpful log messages. Discussion forum is however considered to be efficient in nature which management and employees together and allows for the scope of open discussion. The discussion forum is further seen to be helpful for the purpose of knowledge dissemination and bringing the workforce together. It has been further discerned that the tool is effective in achieving the organizational knowledge. Context In order to proceed with the report the most effective selection of communication tool has been considered with Instant Messaging (IM). This is identified as the online chat facility ideal for real time text transmission via internet. A LAN messenger is identified to be similar to this which is seen to be responsible for the dissipating short messages over LAN. IM dates from 1990 like Compatible Time-Sharing System (CTSS) and multiplexed information along with the specific computing services from mid 1960s. During the initial time, it has been considered that the IM was used as a service for the notification system and present services such as printing to facility the communication when other users are logged in the same machine. During the time protocols are spread within the networks peer to peer protocol were used such as talk, ntalk and ytalk. The other users needed to be connected through server such as talker and IRC. It has been further discerned in various types of the other context the Zephyr Notification Services has been seen to be particularly important for dissemination of the information associated to MIT's Project Athena in the 1980s. This allowed the service providers to locate and deliver instant messages to the users. Instant messaging programs were further seen to be primarily used as real time text system, where the characters appeared as they were typed. In the latter half of 1980s and into the early 1990s, Quantum Link offered the users for availing the different types other facilities which were seen to be directly related to the instant messaging and this kind of services where further seen to be conducive to the users for the use of "On-Line Messages" (or OLM for short), and later "FlashMail." Proposal The report proposed to discuss on the rationale for selection of instant messaging as the most ideal tool in the workplace. The various types of the coherent arguments will be thoroughly based on the analysis of the various types of the secondary article which are directly based to prove on some of the main form of the factor which are seen to be associated to the discussion of the advantages of instant messaging services. The main approach for the research will identify the existing advantages of instant messaging and contributions of the same towards the business domains. The main form of the research approaches has been further seen to be identified with the reliability of the use of the Instant Messaging facilities. The research approach of the topic has been further seen to be associated to the discussion of the outcomes of the formulated research questions. In order to arrive at the suitability of the IM services the report proposes to discuss on both advantage and disadvantage of using IM in workplace. The report will further identify the main implication which will be based on the selection of the implementation of correct strategy and application of the business communication objectives. Conclusion The different types of the discussion related to the background of the report has been identified with evaluation of the effectiveness of Chat rooms, private group messaging and discussion forums. The main form of effectiveness of the Chat rooms, private group messaging is identified with the successful collaboration which is critical in nature and this has also enabled the shares the ideas, building complex interpersonal relationships and internal personal relationship. The context discussion has further identified IM as the online chat facility ideal for real time text transmission via internet. Quantum Link offered the users for availing the different types other facilities which were seen to be directly related to the instant messaging and this kind of services where further seen to be conducive to the users for the use of "On-Line Messages" (or OLM for short), and later "FlashMail."